Kringle and Company E-Pattern
Kringle and Company E-Pattern

Kringle and Company E-Pattern

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Meet the famous Kringle and Company.  This galaxy inspired project incorporates traditional Decorative Painting with a hint of mixed media and a lot of whimsy.   I used three different stencils in the completion of this project, remember a stencil is simply a tool.  You may use the stencils I have used or use stencils you have in your stash.  These stencils are all readily available.  


I added my lovely vintage papers to this piece but as is the case with all of my patterns you always have the option to paint the characters with paint instead of using paper.  I love how paper gives the surface of each character texture, pattern, and an immediate base coat.  If you are not a lover of paper then simply paint the basecoat which I have provided in the instructions.  How about using various elements from the design to develop a separate set of ornaments using the characters I’ve provided you?   Remember paper is an option in this project, you may choose to use something different or use the painting instructions I have provided.  

This e-pattern has 16 pages of detailed instruction, line art, and colors photos to help you along your painting journey.  That is a lot of pattern for the money.  

You are purchasing the e-pattern for this project.  Once payment has been received and verified you will receive a paid invoice with a green download button on the invoice.  Click on the green download button and you will be directed to the PDF for this pattern.  Download the pattern to your computer and enjoy.  Remember to use the SAVE AS feature on your computer so you know where you have saved the pattern.  You have 14 days to download your pattern, after that the link will expire.  Remember I am only an email away should you need me.  If you are struggling with the download process I have a PDF on the homepage explaining the process.  

The lovely board for this surface can be found at Pine Craft Inc and was a joy to paint on.  Take a look at all Doug Frederickson has to offer.

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