Magical Sewing Gnomes

Magical Sewing Gnomes

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Do you sew?  I’ve sewn since I was a young child.  My mother and grandmother were very talented seamstresses; in fact my grandmother knew how to tailor suit jackets and made my very first professional suit.  My mother made all of our clothing when we were young and taught me to how sew when I was still in grade school.  I’m sure many of you can relate.   While I love to sew I know that there were many times that I wished that I had sewing gnomes who would come in the middle of the night and magically finish up a project.  

 These gnomes appeared on the pages of my sketchbook when I was sketching the gnomes for my project Believe in the Magical Power of the Gnome.  They didn’t make it onto that project but sat in my sketchbook for a few months until I decided I wanted to develop a set of tags with gnomes on them.  Two of the gnomes were standing on spools of thread and I thought they would work well together but I still needed a third gnome to join them.  At that point in time I still hadn’t settled on sewing gnomes until the gnome holding the measuring tape decided to make an appearance.   Ah Ha, I thought.  This is the perfect set for anyone who loves to sew and can be used year round.  An added plus is that they fit in an envelope for ease of shipping. 

You are purchasing the E-Pattern Magical Sewing Gnomes which contains 17 step by step color photos, line-art, and painting instructions.  You are purchasing the E-Pattern for this project, this is not a paper pattern.  This pattern will not be emailed to you instead is a direct download.  Once payment has been received and verified you will receive a paid invoice with the GREEN DOWNLOAD button on the invoice.  Click on that green button and you will be directed to your pattern download.  Remember to use the SAVE AS feature on your computer to save your pattern otherwise you will save the pattern to an unspecified file on your computer.  You have 14 days to download the pattern to your computer after that your download button will expire.  If that happens not to worry I will make sure you get your pattern.  Direct download is however much easier and saves both of us time and frustration.  If you have any questions about the download process I am just an email away or have included a PDF on the homepage of this website with detailed instructions and a photo to help you download.  

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