Snowmen Magically Return Each Winter
Snowmen Magically Return Each Winter

Snowmen Magically Return Each Winter

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Are you a snowman lover?  These adorable snowmen promise to come back each winter to celebrate the winter season.  

This pattern combines two of my loves... gel printing and traditional decorative painting.  What is gel printing you ask?  Gel printing is a form of mono-printing which means you usually get one good print and each print is slightly different from the previous.  I have a number of gel printing videos on my You Tube Channel which will help you understand the process.  Join me as a subscriber on You Tube to learn more.  Watch the videos and print your own papers to use on these snowmen.  If you love gel printing you will never need to worry about Angel Policies for commercially produced patterned papers again. 

Do you love the pattern but DO NOT want to gel print or do not own a gel plate?  That is never a problem, I AlWAYS include all of the painting instructions so you can either paint your own papers or use traditional painting techniques eliminating the addition of paper.  I do not ever want to exclude anyone from painting my designs.  

These wonderful snowmen are painted on tag shapes, the larger shape is a wood shape which is available from Creative Arts Lifestyle and the two smaller tag shapes are hand cut by myself out of watercolor paper.  These smaller tag shapes are the perfect size to send through the mail in an envelope using a Forever Stamp.  Add a pocket to the back of each tag and include a small gift, money or a gift card.  This is a super solution to the rising cost of postage.  I have included a template for you to add the pocket to the back of the tag in the pattern as well as the template to cut your own tags out of watercolor paper.  I don't know about you but I find that I like the convenience of cutting my own tags when I need to send a personalized card through the mail and want to include a small gift.  How about using these watercolor tags as Christmas ornaments?  They hang on the tree and look gorgeous.  This pattern is loaded with information and photos....17 pages with 23 full color photos as well as the templates and line art for all the snowman.  What a bargain!

You are purchasing the digital E-Pattern for the pattern Snowmen Magically Return Each Winter.  This is a direct download.  Once payment has been received and verified you will receive your paid invoice with the GREEN DOWNLOAD button on the invoice.  Click on the green download button and you will be directed to the PDF of your purchased pattern.  Save the pattern to your computer.   The link will expire after 14 days.  If you are struggling with the download process I have published a PDF on my homepage which will help you with the download process but remember I am just an email away.   

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