What a Nice Day for Building a Snowman e-pattern
What a Nice Day for Building a Snowman e-pattern

What a Nice Day for Building a Snowman e-pattern

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Are you a snowman lover?   This project reminds me of snow globes that my siblings and I used to get in our Christmas stockings when we were kids.  We would shake up the globe and watch the blizzard inside the globe.  A few of those have survived and remain in my collection today.  Vintage and nostalgia pieces are extremely popular today, which is why many of us have collections of vintage pieces.  This Masonite snowman surface is fabulous to paint on and is adorable once you have completed the painting.  Cupboard Distributing carries the surface for this piece and they also carry an ornament sized piece.  Wouldn't this pattern be adorable if it were reduced down so it would fit on the ornament.  HMMMM.... I may have to consider that for my gift giving this year.  

For this piece I chose to use a background which allows for color and texture to be developed through the use of brush technique, stamping, and stenciling.  The delicate design on the snowflake stamps add an interesting texture to the body and face of our snowman which helps to develop the look of depth.  The stamping on the snowman makes it appear that he has snowflake tattoos.  I love this type of background, incorporating stamping and stencils add to the mystery of the piece which I find desirable. 

You are purchasing the E-pattern for this project.  Once payment has been verified you will receive an invoice with your download link on the invoice.  If you are struggling to download the pattern I have placed a PDF with instructions to help with downloading on my homepage.  

Enjoy and happy painting.  

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