Zombie Cats E-Pattern
Zombie Cats E-Pattern

Zombie Cats E-Pattern

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When I began designing my rag doll zombie and monster characters I had envisioned an entire world for the zombies and monsters to coexist in.  But I really felt that something was missing and one day as I was sketching these cats appeared in my sketchbook.  I am often asked where I come up with my “crazy” ideas for characters and I honestly can say that they just appear as I am sketching. It isn’t magic of course but most of my favorite design ideas appear when I am doodling/sketching on my sketchbook without a plan or an idea.  Such is the case with this design.  I didn’t really want these to be categorized as Halloween but the background seemed to require that.  Consequently this Zombie Cat design found life.  If you like this then check out my website for additional Zombie patterns.  

This pattern encourages you to use a number of my favorite stencils however in the line art I have provided you with alternatives for those of you who do not like to use stencils.  Because of copyright I cannot trace the stencil in my line art but I can give you an alternate plan.  If you prefer to use the line art alternative then use the same painting instructions for each section.  

You are purchasing the e-pattern for this product and will receive a link to download the pattern once payment has been verified.  I have added a PDF which explains how to download my e-patterns on my homepage.  

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